Victoria’s High Country is located in North East Victoria. Besides its picturesque scenery of Victoria’s highest mountains, national parks, lakes and snow resorts, it also boasts a rich history and is home to eight of Victoria’s most divine wine regions.

The eight wine regions are:

  • Alpine Valleys Wine Region
  • Strathbogie Ranges Wine Region
  •  King Valley Wine Region
  • Beechworth Wine Region
  • Glenrowan Wine Region
  • Goulburn Valley Wine Region
  • Rutherglen Wine Region
  • The Upper Goulburn Wine Region

Nillahcootie Estate belongs to the Upper Goulburn wine region, which is pretty cool… LITERALLY! 

The Upper Goulburn region is considered to be a very cool region overall, the cooler climate in this part of Victoria’s High Country is highly influenced by the altitude (pardon the pun). Altitude in the area varies but is said to be between 300-700 metres above sea level.

Rainfall in the area is yet another variable that is affected by the high altitude. Generally the higher the altitude the more rain. Obviously this varies from year to year but is usually anywhere between 700 to 1400 millimetres per year. 

Higher altitude areas generally have cooler temperatures. As a result the fruit ripen at a slower rate allowing for longer growing seasons, this gives the fruit the opportunity to develop it’s flavour slowly, which in turn results in a far better quality wine… delicious.

Given the impeccable geographical position this makes the Upper Goulburn Region a perfect area for vineyards and wineries alike.

So next time you’re planning your family holiday or simply a weekend getaway think about Victoria’s High Country. Try the local food and wine… It’s pretty cool if we do say so ourselves.



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