Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I shop online?

Shopping online directly from us is not only convenient but also ensures that you are getting the best value for your money.

Customers who sign up to our e-mail list and follow us on Instagram and Facebook are informed about exclusive offers, promotions and discount codes. 


How can I pay for my online order?

We accept credit card payments only using Visa or MasterCard.


Can I return/ refund my order?

Krystallo Estate will provide a replacement or refund on bottles, broken, corked, oxidized, not fit for purchase, not of merchantable quality or not consistent with our detailed tasting notes when they are delivered. We will refund as soon as the wine is received in our warehouse. We recommended original packaging be kept for safer returned delivery. All packaging and return postage is at the customers expense.


The following conditions for refund apply,

-       No more than 2 bottles from any single 12-bottle case, or single only bottle from single only order.

-       Where possible, the remaining content of the offending bottle is returned, if the return is for any reason other than breakage.

-       Claims for broken or damaged goods must be reported within 24 hours of delivery

-       Request for returns for credit or exchange must be made within 30 days of delivery.

-       Any wines collected by Australia Post must be in their original box, or equally securely packaged, to avoid any further breakages.


How much will postage cost me?

All our wines are delivered to you through Australia Post. Pricing on delivery is based on the weight of the item. The price of a case of wine (12 bottles) will be more expensive in comparison to an order of one bottle. Krystallo Estate is not profiting from the cost of shipping therefore each customer is charged accordingly with the volume of their order.


How do I know my wines will arrive in good condition?

Great question! Krystallo Estate sends all wines through Australia Posts premium wine delivery service. All wines are packaged appropriately and securely. We won’t send your wine out if we think it will be damaged or affected by heat.


Most of your wines are older vintages, why is this?

We pride ourselves in excellent quality wines taking great care from vineyard to bottle and beyond!  Storing our wines in temperature controlled cellars we have found improves the balance of the fruit flavours and tannins in the wine.  We believe our older vintage red wines have benefited greatly from this process. So basically we cellar so you don’t have to. However if you are interested in younger red varieties (which still maintain premium quality) please contact us via email at


Do you deliver wines outside of Australia?

No, unfortunately we can only sell and deliver wines within Australia.


Does Krystallo Estate offer discounts for bulk orders?

We sure do! For any orders over five cases (60 bottles or more) please contact us via email

If you have you are a wholesale distributor, liquor store owner, restaurant owner or simply in the wine business please contact our Director of Marketing & Sales Christina via email